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Highly Detailed Custom 3D Collectibles

Darthtucker3d first, prepares a 3D model of the object you want to print using 3D modeling software. Next, we use high quality 3d printers to create a highly detailed object ready for sanding and painting.

Custom Action Figure Accessories

Diorama building is the art of creating miniature three-dimensional scenes that depict a particular theme or story. It involves careful planning, designing, and arranging various elements such as miniatures, props, backdrops, and lighting to bring the scene to life.

Commission Your Own 3d Models

Need something made? We offer custom 3D modeling. 3D modeling for 3D printing is the creation of digital models specifically optimized for 3D printing. It involves designing and preparing a three-dimensional object in a software program, ensuring it meets the requirements for successful printing. The resulting model is then transformed into a physical object layer by layer using a 3D printer.